• ** PLEASE READ BELOW TO SEE WHAT INFORMATION CAN FIT ON WHICH TAGS**All our ID tags are made from pewter. The silver tags are plain pewter, the gold and rose gold are plated. Circle tags can fit surname, door number, postcode and contact number on them. Square tags allow more space, so can fit house names. Star ID tags, Small Rose Gold Circle and Mini Silver Square Duo ID tags are a lot smaller and can fit surname, door number and postcode OR surname and contact number. Standard information, to conform with UK law, to appear on these tags are surname, door number and postcode (contact number is optional). Dogs names / pet names etc and fewer details can be placed on these tags but should then be used for decorative purposes only and be accompanied with a tag displaying full details. Please not that without proper care, these tags will fade/tarnish. Keep clean and dry. If the tag becomes wet, dry with a clean cloth as soon as possible. Clean stubborn dirt off with water and dry, do not use any chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

    Hand Stamped ID Tags

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